Things to avoid when your AC is not working in Florida

Things to avoid when your AC is not working in Florida

It’s hot in the South, especially when your AC goes out all of a sudden. We get it. People get desperate from the heat and they figure it’s next to impossible to get an AC technician out on short notice as it seems impossible. Well, that is not true at Whaley Air Conditioning Repair Tallahassee Florida

Very often we see a lot of “home remedies”  being applied to tackle the heat while they’re waiting for our a technician. While these fixes may provide a little relief in initial stages, However some of them can be quite dangerous to play with.

Here are some things you need to avoid while waiting for professional help:

Opening Your Freezer and Releasing Cool Air Out


This is one of the home remedies which is real famous. While it seems not dangerous at first, the longer duration you keep the freezer door open, the more the contents inside are prone to melt.

When the contents inside melt & when they do, water will drip and it can short circuit your fan, creating dangerous shock potential & increase the risk factors. As it is a known fact that water and electricity just aren’t good together. Also not to mention most freezers aren’t made to stay open longer period more than 30 seconds at a time.

By leaving the door open gives it a lot of stress on your freezer. No doubt you’ll also ruin your frozen food for no reason because you can’t cool your entire home this way by opening your freezer door.

Call for professional help:

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