Hi I am ugly.
I was born in Coventry inside the city walls. This is in warwickshire in England. Coventry is the home of Lady Godiva this is where the saying PEEPING TOM comes from. He look on her while riding through the streets of Coventry on horse back with no cloths on. This was to show she was with the public agaist TAXES. Tom look at her and was blinded. So peeping Tom was him.
I now live in Daventry where I also work. This is in Nothamtonshire but only a half hour drive to see my mother in Coventry. It is a very good area close to the Rugby where to game started. Stratford upon avon is 50 mins away Warwick 35 mins Birmingham 50 mins London just over the hour all by car.
I like to take photos some good a lot bad. This keeps me out of trouble. I have a partner and a cat. I like a drink or two but not by myself. I do like my food and at my age it's starting to show. I use to play a lot of contact sport ie Rugby. Now I like to get camera out and just snap away then on PC to see how good they are. Please have a look at my link at ephotozine and vote on any you like you may leave comments with that photo as well.
I do like looking at other people work so please leave info so I can have a look at them.
I do not mine if you want to send me a private message. I try to reply back as soon as I can. I know I am not a pro at taking photos but if you need help I will try and help you.
Thank you for your time.......ugly

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