FacePoints and FaceCoins Explained

What are FacePoints?

FacePoints are a way to show how active a member is. The more a member has, the more active they have been on addyourface. You can gain FacePoints by doing certain things on addyourface. The members with the most FacePoints will be shown on the home page.

What are FaceCoins?

FaceCoins are money that can be spent to purchase profile upgrades, gifts and other things on addyourface. You can gain FaceCoins by doing certain things on addyourface.

How can I gain FacePoints/FaceCoins?

There are many different ways to gain FacePoints and FaceCoins on addyourface. Below are a few ways you can gain FacePoints and FaceCoins:

Action Points/Coins gained
Invite a member that joins (Go) 10
Tetris - Highest Overall Score (Go) 8
Pairs - Highest Overall Score (Go) 8
Sudoku - Highest Overall Score (Go) 8
Tetris - Highest Weekly Score (Go) 6
Pairs - Highest Weekly Score (Go) 6
Sudoku - Highest Weekly Score (Go) 6
Make a group that gets over 20 Members (Go) 5
Sudoku - Highest Daily Score (Go) 4
Tetris - Highest Daily Score (Go) 4
Pairs - Highest Daily Score (Go) 4
Tetris - Score (150,000+) (Go) 3
Insert some About Me information (Go) 3
Complete your Personal Details (address/telephone) (Go) 3
Sudoku - Complete Hard Board (Go) 3
Pairs - Complete Hard Board (Go) 3
Upload a Profile Image (Go) 2
Pairs - Complete Medium Board (Go) 2
Tetris - Score (100,000 - 149,999) (Go) 2
Sudoku - Complete Normal Board (Go) 2
Subscribe to the newsletter (Go) 2
Pairs - Complete Easy Board (Go) 1
Insert a Community Link (Go) 1
Daily Login (Go) 1
Sudoku - Complete Easy Board (Go) 1
Make a friend (Go) 1
Tetris - Score (15,000 - 99,999) (Go) 1

What can I spend my FaceCoins on?

There are many different way to spend your FaceCoins on addyourface. You can purchase gifts at the gift shop to give to your friends, buy profile upgrades and other things are to come in the future. Below is a list of things that can be purchase with FaceCoins:

Buy Profile Upgrades | Buy Gifts for Friends
Item Cost
Show Website On Profile

Show my website on my profile page

Face MiniBio

Display your About Me information and website on a pop-up when someone moves their mouse over your face in the mosaic.

Profile Comments

Allow other members to leave messages on your profile.

Personal Blog

Create your own blog on addyourface and bring in rss feeds from your other blogs on other sites

Photo Albums

Upload and share your photos on addyourface by creating photo albums.

Lastfm Widget

Add your radio station from lastfm onto your profile page


We have a whole range of gifts that you can buy for a whole range of prices.

from 1
Mosaic Position

Move your face to a new position on the mosaic. Just find a free one!

Move your face to a new position on the mosaic.
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