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Facing Up To The Value Of Female Friends

Posted by conrad on 27th June 2009 - 19:16
A lot of people will agree that it's good to have friends of their own sex. It makes socialising so much easier. It's probably easier to find commo...
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Let's Face It

Posted by conrad on 24th March 2009 - 19:30
I've been keeping an eye on the membership stats on the homepage of and it's not looking good: After an initial flying start, we're...
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Stuffing Our Faces

Posted by conrad on 31st December 2008 - 13:40
Special holidays always seem to be mainly about food, have you noticed that as well? I probably can't comment on it too much, seeing that I am litt...
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Nous allons en France

Posted by tc847 on 26th December 2008 - 00:19
This time we are off skiing. Maybe this time I will upload some photos.

Don't Explain

Posted by Freja on 10th December 2008 - 00:49
I offer this, a new found piece, for a new found blog. Don't explain

To be or not to be...

Posted by Lu on 6th December 2008 - 17:03
... organised? 19 days till Christmas now! Already going blooming fast!:shock: Actually sat down today and decided to wrap up most of the pre...
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Posted by Lu on 3rd December 2008 - 22:11
Flippin eck chickenny bells. Spice Girls has just been on the TV and they're tone deaf. Can't believed I followed them. :o Lol, you have to ...
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Posted by Lu on 30th November 2008 - 19:33
The Birthday Massacre - Walking With Strangers I know I know, I'm doing a bit of a plug in job here, but it's really worth it. Electronic ro...
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robbed at Tetris

Posted by Pete on 28th November 2008 - 21:38
I thought I'd have a quick game at Tetris...2 hours later!!! And I was robbed my actual score was 18,834,729 and it registered at just 16,777,215. ...
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Posted by Lu on 25th November 2008 - 23:43
Oh heck! Creepiness has appeared! :shock: A random punchbag (12 stone) decided to start moving on its own tonight. No wind or air could get to ...
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