Homeowners across the US prefer having high pressure in all the taps across their house & most homeowners in states think that high water pressure is good & awesome. Actually, it is not good always as to have a high water pressure can lead to some good & expensive damages which could cost more when the water pipes get damaged.

Excessive water pressure is a major cause of pipe damage, leaks & also could cause water leaks

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Water Wastage

High-pressure water pipes also lead to water wastage. If we talk about average per home in states it could come to 30000 to 40000 gallons of water annually which could be wasted due to various reasons. The local licensed plumbers & drain cleaning should always follow the recommended pressure according to the geography which will result in saving money on water bills & plumbing bills as following the guidelines with the recommended pressure will give the pipes long life

High Water Pressure Can Do Damage to Household Plumbing

Water traveling at a rapid pressure continuously through pipes can eventually damage the pipes as they can cause leakage & also damage the accessories of plumbing like faucets, toilets even household items like washing machines may cause them to leak. The lakes can be prevented by San Diego Plumbing & Drain Cleaning who are your trusted plumbers.

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